Wizard: A Complete Overview Of The Diablo 3 Wizard! (+ Video)

Wizard: A Complete Overview Of The Diablo 3 Wizard! (+ Video)

Wizard: Dark days are coming and the World of Sanctuary begins to shake beneath the marching legions of demons that scorch the surface of the earth. In these chaotic times, a falling star breaks through the night sky and makes its way into the catacombs of the old Cathedral. At distance, a young Wizard watches as the sign from heavens lands bringing news on incoming destruction. Diablo is about to rise once more to vanquish the entire mortal realm and bring down the High Heavens, ending the eternal conflict between demons and angels. Prophecies have foretold that a mortal hero will stand between total destruction and salvation. The distant Wizard will have to follow the signs and fulfill the prophecy.

Diablo 3 Wizard classIn Diablo 3, the spell casting class changed significantly. There are still signature marks of the old Sorceress that lived on from the previous game to the current one. Popular spells like Teleport, Hydra, Blizzard and a few others managed to carry on to this new class. There are also a few new skills that make the Wizard a very enjoyable character to play around with. Skills like Archon or Disintegrate are very enjoyable to watch. However, the core mechanics have been changed.

This time around, the Wizard got his unique class resources. Arcane Power has replaced mana and most spells need it as a casting resource. The Signature spell of the Wizard are free to cast but their damage output is reduced. Arcane Power regeneration rate can be manipulated with the aid of passive skills and class specific items like offhand orbs and Wizard hats. These two items can enhance the damage of the class and only the Wizard can wear them.

Also, the Wizard is the only class that can use powerful wands to send its foes back to hell. His skills can deal any type of damage. He is a master of the elements capable of handling, ice, fire, lightning and arcane damage spells. Some might go as far to call him an endless resource character mainly due to its Signature class of spells. They have no cooldown no casting cost but they are powerful enough to kill enemies. In most scenarios, these skills are used while Arcane Power is regenerating to prepare a deadly attack. But if you want to make your Wizard more powerful, read the guide “How to reach level 60 as quick as possible“.

Video about the Wizard character:

[box title=”Video about the Wizard character:” color=”#363636″]



The survivability of this Glass Cannon type of class is enhanced with magic shields, similar to the old Diablo 2 Sorceress. They can be used to absorb damage or freeze enemies in place, giving the Wizard enough time to escape from difficult situations. Teleport is another survival skill that was preserved but with the aid of rune modifiers, the spell becomes even more entertaining.

Blizzard managed to maintain the same look and feel for this spell casting class as it was in the previous installment of the franchise. The Wizard is able to deal massive amounts of damage in both PvE and PvP. Unfortunately, in both situations he will prove that the ranged classes are still fragile and it is vital to hit others and avoid getting hit.

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