Witch Doctor: A Comlete Overview Of The Diablo 3 Witch Doctor! (+ Video)

Witch Doctor: A Comlete Overview Of The Diablo 3 Witch Doctor! (+ Video)

Witch Doctor: They say that the flesh is prison for the soul. It is a mere vessel for the spirit on his journey on the mortal real until he may rejoin the true spiritual world. These beliefs are shared amongst all Witch Doctors of the umbaru race. The culture of these masters on undead and worshipers of the spirit realm might seem fascinating and perplexing for the ones who hail more civilized walks of life. There is an intense social upheaval amongst the tribes that originates in their wars against each other to replenish some of their powers trough human sacrifice.

Diablo 3 Witch Doctor classThis new class of Diablo 3 seems inspired from the old Necromancers but with a few new tricks up its sleeve. Poison and explosions with potions and herbs are still popular for this obscure class. The Witch Doctor will call forth undead allies right from the realm of spirits, also called the Unformed Land. His minions will always come forth to protect their master and fight against the raging demons that walk the earth during these dark days.

His resource pool is mana, similar to how it was in the previous installment of the game, having almost the same mechanics. The value of this resource pool is determined by the amount of intellect the character has. His mana pool can be enhanced through gear and leveling. As his level grows the mana pool of the Witch Doctor increases as well. To reach level 60, read this.

In his arsenal, the Witch Doctor will always have mojos in his offhand to enhance his abilities. They are class specific items and only Witch Doctors can benefit from their enhancements. Additionally, he will use ceremonial daggers and Voodoo Masks. These masks are very thematic and showcase the culture of this character. Witch Doctor Masks have magic properties that can improve certain skills of class capabilities.

In the battlefield, the Witch Doctor will summon allies to aid him and use powerful poisons and curses to weaken his enemies. His destructive magic can release gas clouds, poisonous pools and locust swarms at his foes. With the aid of hexes and curses he can weaken enemies or even cause them to run in fear or become completely harmless as he can shape shift them into powerless chicken. He can spread plague or bring rains of poisonous toads upon its enemies.

Video about the Witch Doctor character:

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The survivability of this class seems to have a different approach when compared with the Wizard who has his shields and the Demon Hunter who has his tactical abilities. The Witch Doctor can literally rise from the dead to fight once more. With the aid of some passive skills, the class gains an additional means to get back up and continue the fight. This ability makes his a popular class for the Hardcore mode players. He is another glass cannon class but with some aces up its sleeve.
In PvP, such abilities turn into a tactical advantage. Opponents might be tricked into thinking that they killed the Witch Doctor but with such abilities he will quickly recover and turn the tides in a fight. He is a fun class to play that the Diablo 2 nostalgic players will enjoy more so than others.

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