The Diablo 3 Artisans: The Basics And 8 Essential Tips!

The Diablo 3 Artisans: The Basics And 8 Essential Tips!

In Diablo 3, the Horadric Cube has been replaced by two non-playable characters – the Artisans. The artisan system has been developed to help the player craft gems and items.

Both of them are unlocked with the aid of some quests. The blacksmith becomes available in Act I while the jeweler comes into the scene in Act II. Both of them have 9 progression levels:

Diablo 3 Artisans Blacksmith Jeweler

  1. journeyman
  2. adept
  3. master
  4. grandmaster
  5. illustrious
  6. magnificent
  7. resplendent
  8. glorious
  9. exalted

Each level has 5 sublevels that require gold and some materials except for the journeyman, adept and master.

The Blacksmith

Haedrig Eamon, the Diablo 3 Blacksmith is unlockable trough a quest chain in Act I called “The Shattered Crown”. He can craft items or salvage magic, rare and legendary items by destroying them and extracting crafting materials. This is the only way the player can obtain crafting materials in the game. Also, almost all the craftable items have random stats and properties. It is some form of gambling as there is no guarantee that the end result will be useful for the character that crafted the item. The materials required to level up the higher levels are the “Pages of Blacksmithing”, the “Tomes of Blacksmithing” and the “Tomes of Secrets”. To maximize blacksmithing the player needs to finish the game on all difficulties.

Also, below we can see the total requirements in gold and materials:

  • 50 Pages of Blacksmithing
  • 50 Tomes of Blacksmithing
  • 45 Tomes of Secret
  • 645,000 gold (if you don’t have enough gold, read this guide)

The Jeweler

Covetous Shen is the Jeweler in Diablo 3. He has mastered the craftsmanship of refining gems. He can combine them into higher level ones or he can recover them from socketed gear. Like with the blacksmith, the jeweler becomes available after completing quest chain in Act II. He does not require any kind of materials to combine gems but he will gladly rake your gold. Each combination costs gold and higher level gems also require various Pages and Tomes of Jewelcrafting or Tomes of Secrets.

Let’s see the total cost of maximizing this jewelcrafting:

  • 130,000 gold
  • 10 Pages of Jewelcrafting (Nightmare)
  • 20 Tomes of Jewelcrafting (Hell)
  • 40 Tomes of Secrets (Inferno)

A Few Tips To Help You On Your Quests:

  • Do not invest money into these two professions unless you are level 60. Gold drops are poor in Normal, Nightmare and Hell. Wait until Inferno becomes available and then, the gold required will not seem like a fortune.
  • Store all the Pages and Tomes that you gather while you grind for level 60. If you are not investing money into blacksmithing and jewelcrafting now it doesn’t mean you won’t need them later. Remember that all the nice items and gems come from recipes that also require these items to be crafted.
  • Do not be tempted to flip materials into gear so that you can obtain a profit by selling the items on the Auction House. It will cost you a fortune to craft rare and magic items and the profit margin is almost inexistent.
  • Try not to touch the jeweler until you reach level 60. The monsters you will actually drop the high level gems so that you don’t need the jewelcrafter anyway. You might want it to craft the highest level of jewels that that will happen after you reach level 60 when you can only improve your character trough gear.
  • Buy gems of the auction house. Instead of combining three gems to get a higher one, you might be better of buying it straight from another player.
  • Salvage Rare items and vendor Magic items. It is not worth salvaging Magic items as the materials obtain are almost worthless. Instead of salvaging a Magic item that gives you one essence, sell it to a vendor and with the gold obtained you can buy 5 essences off the auction house.
  • Craft items for other characters you plan to level up. Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting is shared with all other characters that you have. If you have maxed out blacksmithing, a level 1 character will also be able to use it at the same maximum level. You can craft some nice leveling gear to help you level up faster.
  • Farm bosses and monsters for Legendary recipes. You can monetize these recipes by selling them or crafting the items and listing them on the Auction House.

Both Artisans require some farming time to be invested and quite a significant amount of gold. Their usefulness comes to play only after reaching the level cap.

Remember that it is more important to get decent gear of the Auction House than to gamble with the crafting system and the Artisans since the magic properties of the items are random. Just have fun and spend your coins carefully. A broke hero doesn’t live long.

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