Diablo 3 Story: Almost 20 years have passed since Diablo has been cast away from the World of Sanctuary by a group of brave heroes. The Lord of Terror and two of his brothers, Mephisto and Baal were slain but many mortals have sacrificed their lives to save their homeland from the burning fires of Hell. The Archangel Tyrael was forced to break the sacred laws of the High Heavens and interfere with the mortal realm, destroying the World Stone beneath Mount Arreat. The sacred mountain was destroyed in the process, leaving the mighty barbarians without their homeland.
Diablo 3 Story
Before he was slain, Diablo managed to corrupt the powerful witch named Adria. Through his power he managed to conceive Leah, daughter of Adria. The little girl was abandoned by her mother but Deckard Cain, last living member of the other of the Horadrim took the child and raised her as his own.

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Diablo 3 Black Mushroom: Blizzard has always enjoyed adding Easter Eggs into its games. We have seen it in World of Warcraft over the past years and multiple expansion packs and now, we have Diablo 3 to scout for hidden mysteries.

Diablo 3 Black MushroomIn Diablo 2, we had the secret Cow Level which enabled the players to travel to a hidden location and slay merciless bovines equipped with huge axes. Diablo 3 added something different. This time, Whimsyshire (alias “Pony Level“) take the role of a secret level in which the player gets to kill ponies, teddy bears and flowers. The recipe itself needs to be farmed from an Act IV boss but the items required to craft it seem to be more difficult to harvest.

Diablo 3 Black MushroomThe Black Mushroom is part of the components needed for the Staff of Herding which unlocks the gate to Whimsyshire. In the beta, the item was obtainable from a clickable batch of mushrooms outside Adria’s hut. A few patches later it was moved inside the Cathedral of Act I. At that time, nobody could guess what it is exactly for since the recipe itself was only obtainable from the Izual fight as a random drop in Act IV. The other ingredients were spreaded across the all the Acts. Without any other clue of what the Black Mushroom would be used for, players started formulating speculations around it. Since there was no clear indication of a mysterious pony level, everyone assumed that the Black Mushroom is part of a new cow Level.

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Diablo 3 Real Money Auction HouseThe Real Money Auction House (RMAH) changed the way players look at Diablo 3. Everything seems to have a monetary value as every single item in the game can be sold for real money. Some will take advantage of the system and monetize their riches obtained in the World of Sanctuary while others will just avoid the RMAH System completely. Let’s have a quick breakdown of the features of the new trading system added by Blizzard.

Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House – The Features:

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Witch Doctor: They say that the flesh is prison for the soul. It is a mere vessel for the spirit on his journey on the mortal real until he may rejoin the true spiritual world. These beliefs are shared amongst all Witch Doctors of the umbaru race. The culture of these masters on undead and worshipers of the spirit realm might seem fascinating and perplexing for the ones who hail more civilized walks of life. There is an intense social upheaval amongst the tribes that originates in their wars against each other to replenish some of their powers trough human sacrifice.

Diablo 3 Witch Doctor classThis new class of Diablo 3 seems inspired from the old Necromancers but with a few new tricks up its sleeve. Poison and explosions with potions and herbs are still popular for this obscure class. The Witch Doctor will call forth undead allies right from the realm of spirits, also called the Unformed Land. His minions will always come forth to protect their master and fight against the raging demons that walk the earth during these dark days.

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Wizard: Dark days are coming and the World of Sanctuary begins to shake beneath the marching legions of demons that scorch the surface of the earth. In these chaotic times, a falling star breaks through the night sky and makes its way into the catacombs of the old Cathedral. At distance, a young Wizard watches as the sign from heavens lands bringing news on incoming destruction. Diablo is about to rise once more to vanquish the entire mortal realm and bring down the High Heavens, ending the eternal conflict between demons and angels. Prophecies have foretold that a mortal hero will stand between total destruction and salvation. The distant Wizard will have to follow the signs and fulfill the prophecy.

Diablo 3 Wizard classIn Diablo 3, the spell casting class changed significantly. There are still signature marks of the old Sorceress that lived on from the previous game to the current one. Popular spells like Teleport, Hydra, Blizzard and a few others managed to carry on to this new class. There are also a few new skills that make the Wizard a very enjoyable character to play around with. Skills like Archon or Disintegrate are very enjoyable to watch. However, the core mechanics have been changed.

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Demon Hunter: There are very few men that managed to survive a demon attack and live to tell the tales of their horror and misfortune. Many of the survivors give into despair, madness and fear. Very few of them manage to continue their lives. The Demon Hunter is a survivor. All of them share the same tragic story in which their entire family is slain by demons and the only thing worth living for is vengeance. As long as blood will flow through their veins, no demon is safe.

Diablo 3 Demon HunterIn Diablo 3 the Demon Hunter replaces the old Amazon by mixing some of the popular abilities of the original character with some of the Assassin. He is the successful combination between a bow and arrow fighter and a tactical trap laying character. Due to his nature and lore, the Demon Hunter will always have a bow, crossbow or hand crossbow. He is the only class that can use these weapons and in some setups he can use dual wield one hand weapons from this category.

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Because we know that a lot of gamers are looking for hot Diablo 3 wallpapers, we took the time to collect the top 14 of them!

Diablo 3 wallpaper

Diablo 3 wallpaper

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Diablo 3 Gold Auction House Sell ItemsEveryone wants to have plenty of gold for their Diablo 3 character but sometimes things do not go as planned. Farming gold from drops will not earn more than 300.000 per hours which is not that much if we were to look at the prices for the level 60 items. Some of the best items in the game are sold for millions and in some cases they reach ridiculous prices.

Another decent way to get gold with less work is by using the Auction House. There are two ways to get rich with it: selling the items you find or scavenge the Auction House for good deals.

1.) Selling your items the most profitable way:

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The World of Sanctuary has had its share of dark days. Diablo and his legion of minions have awakened once more to bring down the High Heavens and vanquish the world of men. Only five brave heroes stand between the salvation and total destruction. The events of Diablo 3 take place 20 years later after Mephisto, the Lord of Destruction destroyed mount Arreat.

Diablo 3 Beginner Guide TipsBlizzard’s latest title comes with various new changes that even the veterans of the franchise will find a lot of unfamiliar features. For a beginner, things are even more blurry. However, instead of exploring the game the hard way, here are 15 very useful Diablo 3 tips.

15 Tips for Diablo 3 beginners:

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Diablo 3 Hardcore ModeDiablo 2 managed to impress the player community with its innovations. The most interesting feature was the Hardcore mode. Fortunately, this feature has carried on to the latest installment of the franchise to please even the most die-hard fans. Even the ones that are familiar with the Hardcore mode will find that Diablo 3 makes things even more difficult. In fact, 35% of the Hardcore deaths occur in the first Act. This can be prevented by following some simple gameplay tips.

9 Tips for the Hardcore Mode:

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