Demon Hunter: There are very few men that managed to survive a demon attack and live to tell the tales of their horror and misfortune. Many of the survivors give into despair, madness and fear. Very few of them manage to continue their lives. The Demon Hunter is a survivor. All of them share the same tragic story in which their entire family is slain by demons and the only thing worth living for is vengeance. As long as blood will flow through their veins, no demon is safe.

Diablo 3 Demon HunterIn Diablo 3 the Demon Hunter replaces the old Amazon by mixing some of the popular abilities of the original character with some of the Assassin. He is the successful combination between a bow and arrow fighter and a tactical trap laying character. Due to his nature and lore, the Demon Hunter will always have a bow, crossbow or hand crossbow. He is the only class that can use these weapons and in some setups he can use dual wield one hand weapons from this category.

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Because we know that a lot of gamers are looking for hot Diablo 3 wallpapers, we took the time to collect the top 14 of them!

Diablo 3 wallpaper

Diablo 3 wallpaper

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Diablo 3 Gold Auction House Sell ItemsEveryone wants to have plenty of gold for their Diablo 3 character but sometimes things do not go as planned. Farming gold from drops will not earn more than 300.000 per hours which is not that much if we were to look at the prices for the level 60 items. Some of the best items in the game are sold for millions and in some cases they reach ridiculous prices.

Another decent way to get gold with less work is by using the Auction House. There are two ways to get rich with it: selling the items you find or scavenge the Auction House for good deals.

1.) Selling your items the most profitable way:

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The World of Sanctuary has had its share of dark days. Diablo and his legion of minions have awakened once more to bring down the High Heavens and vanquish the world of men. Only five brave heroes stand between the salvation and total destruction. The events of Diablo 3 take place 20 years later after Mephisto, the Lord of Destruction destroyed mount Arreat.

Diablo 3 Beginner Guide TipsBlizzard’s latest title comes with various new changes that even the veterans of the franchise will find a lot of unfamiliar features. For a beginner, things are even more blurry. However, instead of exploring the game the hard way, here are 15 very useful Diablo 3 tips.

15 Tips for Diablo 3 beginners:

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Diablo 3 Hardcore ModeDiablo 2 managed to impress the player community with its innovations. The most interesting feature was the Hardcore mode. Fortunately, this feature has carried on to the latest installment of the franchise to please even the most die-hard fans. Even the ones that are familiar with the Hardcore mode will find that Diablo 3 makes things even more difficult. In fact, 35% of the Hardcore deaths occur in the first Act. This can be prevented by following some simple gameplay tips.

9 Tips for the Hardcore Mode:

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As the night settles in, a wondering man stands just outside the skirts of Tristram. He has been walking the lands trying to find a purpose for his existence. His sole purpose of guarding Mount Arreat but the cataclysmic events that happened 20 years ago destroyed his holy lands and vanquished his people. The Barbarian is no longer the proud warrior sworn to protect the secrets within Arreat. His is just a wondering man searching for a meaning for his life. The falling star draws him to Tristram only to find destruction and signs of Diablo’s return and maybe, our hero will get the chance to serve the world he was born to protect once more.

Barbarian CharacterIn Diablo 3, the Barbarian character is slightly different from what we were used to. He is older, wiser but sadness pours out of every word coming out of his mouth. The mechanics of the class has changed as well. Some of the popular skills are still present. His resource pool has been redesigned. His attacks are now fueled by Fury which can only be generated by certain skills. BTW, read this tutorial to learn how you can reach level 60 with your favorite character.

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Little over 20 years have passed since the three brothers, Mephisto, Baal and Diablo were slain by a handful of heroes. Most likely, if you truly are a dedicated fan of the series, the lore of Diablo is familiar to you. However, you can’t truly call yourself a Diablo 3 die-hard fan if you do not own the Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition copy of the game.

Diablo 3 Collector’s EditionDiablo 3 is available in both standard and Collector’s Edition versions. Judging by the content of the more expensive version, it would be a mistake not to get it. Blizzard made sure that the die-hard fans get special treatment and included a ton of goodies inside the Collector’s Edition. Let’s go through a quick overview of what can be found inside the premium box and what makes it worth every cent.

What you find in the Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition:

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As the night settles in, the calm skies begin to spread away to let a falling star into the World of Sanctuary. As it lands straight through the old Cathedral distorting the holy grounds beneath its floors, a distant Monk finds its way to the new town of Tristram. After spending his lifetime training by the Sahptev faith, he has left his homeland, Ivgorod, to find a purpose for his existence and fulfill his destiny.

Diablo 3 Class The MonkThe Monks stand for everything that demons are not. They are the ultimate holy warriors that managed to master their minds and bodies by training for years and going through harsh trials. He makes use of his great agility to kill his enemies with his bare fists guided only by faith and endurance.

Diablo 3 brings four new characters. The Monk was introduced as the second melee class, inspired from Eastern cultures, and shaolin disciplines. His combat style resembles the old Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction character, the Assassin. The Monk class specific weapons are fist weapons and diablos. Additionally, he is the only class that can use spirit stones as his characteristic head piece.

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Diablo 3 itemsIn Diablo 3, items remained almost the same as in the previous installment of the game. We have the same item classification but the generation algorithm is a bit different. This time around, most of the stats are generated automatically but they do have some margins for Legendary items. We have 3 main categories worth talking about, excluding standard non-magical items.

The 3 main categories of items:

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No Diablo 3 adventurer can survive in the World of Sanctuary without gold in his pocket for repairs and gear. The entire Diablo 3 economy revolves on the ingame gold and the more you have the better. Gold is a commodity and without a bit of work invested into the farming process, you’ll never have enough of it. In the end, everyone wants to be rich in Diablo 3. The more Diablo 3 gold you have, the more envy you will stir around you.

The 4 Ways To Earn Gold In Diablo 3:

Farm gold in Diablo 3

  1. Monetization of farmed items
  2. Monetization of crafted items
  3. Playing the ingame gold Auction House
  4. Farming for gold by killing monsters

These four methods are the only way to get gold in Diablo 3 and all of them offer different results. Let’s see how these methods work and how they can be improved.

Monetization Of Farmed Items:

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