Monk: A Complete Overview Of The Diablo 3 Monk! (+Video)

Monk: A Complete Overview Of The Diablo 3 Monk! (+Video)

As the night settles in, the calm skies begin to spread away to let a falling star into the World of Sanctuary. As it lands straight through the old Cathedral distorting the holy grounds beneath its floors, a distant Monk finds its way to the new town of Tristram. After spending his lifetime training by the Sahptev faith, he has left his homeland, Ivgorod, to find a purpose for his existence and fulfill his destiny.

Diablo 3 Class The MonkThe Monks stand for everything that demons are not. They are the ultimate holy warriors that managed to master their minds and bodies by training for years and going through harsh trials. He makes use of his great agility to kill his enemies with his bare fists guided only by faith and endurance.

Diablo 3 brings four new characters. The Monk was introduced as the second melee class, inspired from Eastern cultures, and shaolin disciplines. His combat style resembles the old Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction character, the Assassin. The Monk class specific weapons are fist weapons and diablos. Additionally, he is the only class that can use spirit stones as his characteristic head piece.

Just like with the other characters, he has his own class specific resource pool referred to as Spirit. It can be generated only in two ways. Some of his skills can generate it on their own while certain combinations of attacks referred to as combos can recover significant quantities of Spirit.

The combat style of the Monk combines agile moves, swapping rapidly between monsters and dodging incoming attacks. With some builds, the Monk can become a tank, just like the Barbarian. In PvE, he will face some challenges at later stages of the game, especially in the Inferno difficulty due to the nature of the character. Being a melee fighter he can be exposed to multiple enemies at once that can deal a lot of damage.

He should be combined with a ranged follower when playing in single player. The Enchantress would be the best choice, mainly due to her crowd control abilities and defense buff. Stacking dodge can contribute to his damage avoidance skills but some mitigation is also required. At this point armor and resistances are the only two stats that can reduce the incoming damage. However, the diminishing returns of both stats require a meticulous analysis of the gear selection. He can truly benefit from gear only by stacking agility and vitality. For magic attributes, resist to all is the main point of focus. As per the calculation formula, the desired amount of sresistance is:

(Total Life Points / 35 ) – 310 = the desired amount of sresistance

Using the value obtained by this calculation, the optimal armor can be determined. In general it should be the value of the resistances multiplied by 10. A loss of balance in this ratio will cause diminishing returns, wasting stats and rendering the character starts poorly optimized.

In PvP the Monk becomes a target very difficult to hit. He moves with great speed across the battlefield and his avoidance skills cause him to dodge most attacks. The Monk is fun to play and deadly efficient against other players.

Video about the Monk character:

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Good luck with the Monk!

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