Mastering Rare and Champion Monsters in Diablo 3 (12 Tips!)

Mastering Rare and Champion Monsters in Diablo 3 (12 Tips!)

Blizzard clearly stated that Diablo 3 will be different from its predecessor. In Diablo 2 players were farming the same Boss over and over again but this mechanic has changed. As per the developer’s official announcement, if they notice that one Boss is farmed excessively by players, its loot table will be nerved.

What Should The Players Do? Farm Champions And Rare Monsters!

In the normal difficulty these monsters do not seem too ferocious. They look like normal minions but they have various affixes that correlate with the extra abilities they have. Once you reach Inferno, these monsters will be part of your gold and gear farming routine. These monsters can drop anything starting with gray and white items to magic, rare, set and even legendary.

Why You Should Farm These Monsters:

For fame and fortune of course but there is more to it. After you reach level 60, killing such packs grants the player with the Nepilim Valor buff. This buff can stack up to five times meaning after you kill five packs you can no longer increase this buff. Each stack increases the player’s chance to get better loot and more gold from all sources including chests, monsters, barrels and everything in between that can drop anything of value. In order to keep this buff active, the player must not change his skills or runes in any way. As long as his build remains intact, the buff remains active.

The farming routine you might choose is useless if you do not know how to deal with these packs of mobs and once you get to level 60, they will become your main target. All of them have various affixes that require a certain monster level but be warned as starting with the Hell difficulty things get really hectic. Monster level allows them to have any combination of affixes. Additionally, the number of abilities that these monsters receive increases as well. However there is no such thing as an unbeatable pack.

What It Takes To Send Them Back To Hell And Empty Their Pockets:

  1. First and most importantly is the ability of the character to heal itself. Potions alone will not suffice. We will need 2 or 3 skills with life leech properties. They should be used whenever possible.
  2. Use tactical abilities that allow you to get out of harm’s way easily. When the situation gets too complicated just jump away, teleport, cloak yourself or anything that allows you to get away from the monsters to give you time to restore health.
  3. Do not touch health globes if your health is above 50%. Leave them around as you never know when you’re about to die and your potion is on cool down.
  4. Do not kite the monsters in unexplored areas of the map. You might get other packs of monsters to engage into combat making your life a living Hell. Kite them to explored areas where you know that every single hellish atrocity in that zone has been sent back to the hole they crawled out of.
  5. Watch your feet. Rare and Champion monsters can lay traps of arcane beams, leave pools of fire or poison, throw bombs, leave frost mines and so on. Whenever you see something unnatural around you just run to a clean spot.
  6. Use weapons with fast attack speeds. These will help you hit fast and this is important to have. Why? Non-channeling attacks cannot be canceled. For example if it takes you 1 second to cast a spell or deal a damaging hit, you cannot cancel that action. If lets you just noticed an ice bomb near you as you cast, you will be able to move after you deal that hit. Minimize the time it takes you to get away from a trap or damaging pool.
  7. It is ok to die. Some deadly combinations such as Jailer and Molten can become deadly. You have a small chance to get immobilized into a fire pool. This means an inevitable death. You might also die due to lack of focus but it should not demoralize you. Get back and finish the job because those monsters will not send themselves back to the burning Hells.
  8. Maintain a target. All of them can regenerate health if you die. As long as they are not engaged into combat, their health will start to regenerate. Even if you do not die focus on the same target. It is easier to kill one monster (source of damage) that to kill all of them at once. Pick a target and stick to it like a flea on a dog. BTW, if you want to reach level 60 as soon as possible, read this.
  9. Teleport out if you can. Sometimes you might need to get out a bit to restore health. If you’re in a dungeon and the exit is close by, get out and replenish your health pool.
  10. Use cooldowns. If you have any ability that offers major boosts for a limited period of time such as Archon or Wrath of the Ancients then use it as soon as you engage the fight.
  11. Stack on resistances. 90% of their abilities deal ice, arcane, fire or poison damage. Get as much resistances as you can so you can mitigate more damage.
  12. This might sound silly but do not waste time reading their affixes to understand what abilities they have. You might get yourself killed by the time you finish reading.

These 12 tips should be enough to get you started and improve your hunting skills. Remember to stay calm and do not get discouraged if you die in such encounters. It is part of the game and Blizzard itself claimed that these fights were not meant to be easy since these monsters have the potential to drop the best loot in the game.

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