How To Earn Some Gold To Pay The Bills In Diablo 3! (Tips)

How To Earn Some Gold To Pay The Bills In Diablo 3! (Tips)

No Diablo 3 adventurer can survive in the World of Sanctuary without gold in his pocket for repairs and gear. The entire Diablo 3 economy revolves on the ingame gold and the more you have the better. Gold is a commodity and without a bit of work invested into the farming process, you’ll never have enough of it. In the end, everyone wants to be rich in Diablo 3. The more Diablo 3 gold you have, the more envy you will stir around you.

The 4 Ways To Earn Gold In Diablo 3:

Farm gold in Diablo 3

  1. Monetization of farmed items
  2. Monetization of crafted items
  3. Playing the ingame gold Auction House
  4. Farming for gold by killing monsters

These four methods are the only way to get gold in Diablo 3 and all of them offer different results. Let’s see how these methods work and how they can be improved.

Monetization Of Farmed Items:

  1. Get items with a lot of magic find.
  2. Do this only after you get to level 60 so that you can stack the Nephilim Valour Buff for an increased chance to find magic items.
  3. Farm items in Act IV on Hell difficulty or Act I in Inferno.
  4. Sell the items you do not need on the Auction House.
  5. Be prepared with a lot of patience. This is not the most lucrative method to make gold.

Monetization Of Crafted Items:

  1. Level up to the max your blacksmithing skill.
  2. Farm for recipes on Inferno.
  3. Buy crafting materials off the Auction House.
  4. If you don’t like farming for recipes, buy them for gold.
  5. Sell your crafted items.

Playing The Ingame Gold Auction House:

  1. Monitor for a few days how prices evolve.
  2. Look for peak hours when prices drop the most and when they rise.
  3. Buy decent items for cheap when the server is very crowded and the prices are lower.
  4. Sell them back when the prices rise for a profit.

Farming For Gold By Killing Monsters:

Diablo 3 Gold

  1. Get some gear with increased gold find.
  2. Do this only in Hell and Inferno where monsters drop more gold.
  3. Farm zones with more monsters than usual.
  4. Farm For gold after you hit 60.
  5. Try Whimsyshire farming. The staff will cost you some gold but you don’t lose it and it may be reused for an unlimited number of times.

These are the main methods that can be used to farm gold. The way the game is designed, these methods will not change as new patches will hit the live servers. However, going deeper into some specifics might not prove to be very useful. Blizzard will continue to nerf certain monsters if they notice that they are farmed too frequently. Try to find your own zone to farm for gold. Now that you know how, you just need to find the where. Also, remember not to invest money into crafting until you reach level 60. Gold drops are lower in Normal, Nightmare and first half of Hell. Get to 60 and then start to farm for gold and spend it on what you need. Until then, gold is a rare commodity and it should only be invested in gear. Diablo 3 gold is everything a player would ever need. Gold can buy almost anything in the game. If you need more Gold click here and read our complete tutorial.

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