Hardcore Mode: The Best Tips For The Diablo 3 Hardcore Mode!

Hardcore Mode: The Best Tips For The Diablo 3 Hardcore Mode!

Diablo 3 Hardcore ModeDiablo 2 managed to impress the player community with its innovations. The most interesting feature was the Hardcore mode. Fortunately, this feature has carried on to the latest installment of the franchise to please even the most die-hard fans. Even the ones that are familiar with the Hardcore mode will find that Diablo 3 makes things even more difficult. In fact, 35% of the Hardcore deaths occur in the first Act. This can be prevented by following some simple gameplay tips.

9 Tips for the Hardcore Mode:

  • Gear up properly. You might need to buy some items off the Auction House in order to ensure that your character’s gear scales properly with the level. Decent gear can save you from a painful permanent death.
  • Kite mobs. Even if you are a melee class, make a habit out of kiting mobs if the situation seems risky. It can take less than a second to die if just one extra mob lands an additional hit.
  • Leave Health Orbs behind. As you progress, make sure you leave behind all the orbs you don’t need. If your health is full make sure you do not consume what you do not need. If you encounter a difficult situation is good to know that you can go back and grab an orb quickly.
  • Explore zones slowly, if you play Diablo 3 in the Hardcore Mode. Do not rush to clear the entire map. You might pull multiple groups of mobs by accident. Too many minions will cause you to die unnecessarily. This can be prevented if exploration is done slowly and each pack of mobs is cleared without pulling additional ones.
  • Do not kite into unexplored areas. If you’re being chased by a group of Elite or Rare monsters or even normal minions, try to kite them towards explored zones. Not doing so will lead to ninja pulls of other monster packs, making the situation more difficult.
  • Pick the right kind of follower. If you’re a ranged class, get the Templar to keep the melee mobs busy. Melee classes should get the ranged followers to get some defensive bonuses.
  • Sacrifice on DPS for extra survivability. You might want to improve survivability with some extra armor, dodge or even resistances. Skill three builds need to be optimized for a balance between DPS and damage mitigation. Killing monsters slowly is much better than getting your character dead.
  • Be always scared of death in the Hardcore Mode. Being afraid will cause you to be more cautious. You will always keep an eye open for eventual dangerous situations and it will help you survive.
  • Configure Forced Movement. Go to the key layout configuration and change the move key to space or any other unused character. This will cause the left click mouse button to only attack and not move the character. For melee classes this becomes extremely useful as sometimes, accidental pulls might be caused due to the double function of the left click mouse button.

Video about the Diablo 3 Hardcore Mode

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For now, these nine tips for Hardcore Mode are a good starting point. Some of them might require some detailing as the character follows the game’s progression and by this we refer to the skill tree builds. There can be much debate around them and all five character classes have multiple viable builds. In the end, this aspect is a matter of preference and it also involves trial and error. As long as it doesn’t lead to a death, feel free to experiment and create some variations of the popular builds.

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