Gems In Diablo 3: What They Are And How To Use Them The Right Way!

Gems In Diablo 3: What They Are And How To Use Them The Right Way!

Diablo 3 GemsDiablo 3 Gems: In Diablo 2, gems did not have the same effect over the character as they do in Diablo 3. This time around, the most powerful gear setups include several items with sockets. There are a lot of mechanics that can be altered or tempered with the aid of gems but let’s begin by looking at the levels of the gems and how they can be obtained.

The Diablo 3 Jewels/Gems:

Each gem has 14 levels of quality starting with Chipped as level 1 and Radiant Star as the highest available and there are four different types in total. They can be used to insert head, chest, wrists, waist, amulets, shields and weapons can be socketed with gems. The biggest turnaround since Diablo 2 is the fact that gems can be recovered with the aid of the Jeweler. He will also combine gems together to upgrade their level.

The 14 Gem Levels:

The gems can be obtained as normal drops but the maximum level that the player can find is 8. From that point he will have to use the jeweler to upgrade them or to buy them in the Auction House. Starting with Flawless Star, the player will need to find the design recipes from monster drops and learn them at the Jeweler. The ultimate goal is to get the highest level of gems called Radiant Star. If one would attempt to make one only by using Chipped gems, he will need a total of 93,312 gems and 17,638,030 gold. If you don’t have enough gold, this will help you. This cost makes the level 14 gems a very rare commodity and only the elitist players have one or more of them.

Diablo 3 Gems List:

  1. Chipped
  2. Flawed
  3. Normal
  4. Flawless
  5. Perfect
  6. Radiant
  7. Square
  8. Flawless Square
  9. Perfect Square
  10. Radiant Square
  11. Star
  12. Flawless Star
  13. Perfect Star
  14. Radiant Star

The 4 Gem Types:

The Diablo 3 gem mechanic includes only four distinct categories:

  1. The Ruby: It is mainly a strength gem but in helms it adds an exp percentage bonus increase and in weapons it adds damage
  2. The Amethyst: This gem adds vitality except in helms where it gives an hp percentage bonus and in weapons adds life on hit
  3. The Emerald: When inserted into gear it adds dexterity but in helms it gives gold find and in weapons it increases critical hit damage
  4. The Topaz: For gear sockets it adds intelligence except for helms for which it gives a magic find bonus and weapons where it adds a damage per hit to melee attackers

The Best Way To Use Them

For a PvE setup players use Emerald in weapons, Amethysts in helms and for the rest of the gear, they stack the gem that offers their primary stat. For leveling, it is best to use a Ruby in weapons and helms as it gives both a DPS boost and an exp bonus. Last but not least, farming builds only need to add a Topaz in the helm for the magic find bonus. The rest of the gems is up to the player but it can be the same as a normal PvE build.

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