Followers: What They Are And How To Use Them In Diablo 3!

Followers: What They Are And How To Use Them In Diablo 3!

Every adventurer needs a companion to join him on the journey to vanquish all demons from the realm of men. In Diablo 3 you rarely find yourself playing alone. You can get friends to join you or hire Followers to serve as a combat assistant.

The General Mechanics Of Followers

Followers SkillsThere are 3 types of Followers to choose from and all of them are available ONLY when playing in single player. They come with various abilities and have a Follower specific item that can be equipped to boost their stats. They all have 8 skills each to choose from. However, only 4 can be used at a time but the player can change them at any given time. They are not available from the start. The first 2 skills become available at level 5. The player will chose only 1 of the 2. The next one is unlocked at 10, third at 15 and fourth pair at level 20.

Let’s have a look at what makes them different one from another

Follower #1: The Templar

Templars resemble the noble paladins. They prefer heavy armor, a sword and a shield to make their way through the legions of demons. His preferred weapon is the spear and his class specific item is the Templar Relic. He is a melee companion and can become useful for ranged classes that wish to have someone keeping the enemies at distance. He has several healing capabilities and regenerative auras to help the player. His most useful skill is Taunt which forces an enemy to attack him instead of the player.

Follower #2: The Enchantress

This particular female follower uses ranges spells to aid the payer in combat. It should be paired with a melee class as it is a fragile Follower that dies often when enemies are at close range. Most of her skills are oriented towards crowd control. She can turn enemies into powerless chicken or force them to fight against each other for a short period of time. The Enchantress also has some buffing abilities as she is able to give the player a 15% armor boost. Her specific Follower item is the Enchantress Focus.

Follower #3: The Scoundrel

Just like the Enchantress, the Scoundrel is a ranged follower but with more offensive abilities. He might not deal enough damage on his own to finish off enemies but most of his skills prove to be a great tactical advantage. He can give a damage boost for himself and the player whenever a critical hit is dealt. He also offers a passive critical hit chance boost of 3%. His preferred arsenal includes crossbows and bows. His specific item is the Scoundrel Token that can grant his various stat boosts.

The 4×2 Skills from the 3 Followers are:

The Skills from the Followers

Additional Tips And Mechanics

All Followers can equip a weapon, two rings, an amulet and the class specific item. Only the Templar can use a one handed weapon and a shield to boost its survivability. To make the best out of your follower make sure you take into consideration the following tips:

If you are a melee chose a ranged follower. For ranged classes, melee followers are recommended.Do not expect your follower to deal massive amounts of damage. He is a utility class character. He will usually deal 10 times less damage than you.Templars should use items with strength, Enchantress uses intellect and Scoundrel uses dexterity.Followers share 20% of the Magic Find, Gold Find and Experience per Kill from their gear with the player. Ex: if a follower has a ring with 5% increased change to find a magic item, the player will get 1% Magic Find bonus.

These tips should be enough to make the proper choice and get the right kind of companion for your adventures. Make sure you gear them up properly and take them on your journeys.

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