Easter Eggs: Find The Top 15 Easter Eggs In Diablo 3!

Easter Eggs: Find The Top 15 Easter Eggs In Diablo 3!

Diablo 3 Easter EggsBlizzard loves to add easter eggs in their games. We have seen a lot of them in World of Warcraft and Diablo 2. In Diablo 3, easter eggs can be found starting with the first act of the game and all the way through the end. Blizzard included all types of interesting hidden objects, monsters and levels including their developer names, ponies, teddy bears and many others.

Let’s have a look at 15 Diablo 3 easter eggs:

  1. The Black Mushroom: The black mushroom is a random spawn in the Cathedral Level 1 in the first act. It is used for the Staff of Herding Recipe for the secret pony level (Whimsyshire)
  2. Blizzard Artist Names: This easter egg is found in the Cathedral as well. It is a simple list in the form of a wall engraving.
  3. The Archon Wizard Skill: This is a more out in the open easter egg that seems to be referring to the Starcraft 1 and 2 Protoss unit called Archon.
  4. The Horadric Hamburger: This item is a simple Legendary dagger in the shape of a hamburger that can be found in all versions of Whimsyshire. It is a random drop but fairly easy obtainable.
  5. The Development Hell Dungeon: This is a simple crypt that has a random chance to appear in the Forsaken Cemetery of Act 1. In this crypt, all monsters have the names of Blizzard staff members. To be noted that it does not appear in the normal difficulty.
  6. Whimsyshire: This Whimsyshire Secret Pony Level needs its own dedicated post as there are a lot of items that need to be farmed to craft the Staff of Herding.
  7. Smash! Jay, Smash! Achievement: This can be obtained by killing Jay Wilson in the Development Hell crypt.
  8. The Fowl Lair: This level is a random spawn in Act 2. It is filled with chicken and with only one killable mob called Greasy Pig.
  9. Dune Reference – Stilgar’s Corpse: This is another rare spawn in the Desolate Sands of Act 2. It refers to a character within the Dune saga.
  10. Dune Reference 2 – Shaitan: Shaitan is a rare random spawn of a Champion sand worm in the Desolate Sands. Again, this name is used for the desert worms in Dune.
  11. Cluckeye – Legendary Bow: At first glance this item seems like a regular bow but when it is used, it fires chicken instead of arrows.
  12. Larson The Strange: This is another rare spawn in the Old Tristram Road in Act 1. In the description under his name it is written “Eater of Vegtables”.
  13. Spectrum – Legendary Sword: This is a random drop in Whimsyshire. When equipped it looks like a rainbow sword.
  14. Wirt’s Original Leg – Magic Item: This is a reference to the same item found in Diablo 1 and 2.
  15. SpongeBob Referencee: In Act 3, on the way to Azmodan, a special mob can spawn called Crabbs and its description says “You can’t have me golds”.

There are a lot of other easter eggs within Diablo 3. Most of them are monsters with special names but there are also special zones and items. Without a doubt there are many others that haven’t been found yet but exploring the existing one makes the game much more fun and enjoyable.

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