Diablo 3 Multiplayer And Single Player Highlights! (Pros & Cons)

Diablo 3 Multiplayer And Single Player Highlights! (Pros & Cons)

Diablo 3 Multiplayer Single PlayerDiablo 3 Multiplayer & Single Player: Even if Diablo 3 does not have a pure single player gameplay option, there are differences to be spotted when playing alone or with friends or random individuals. The common server problems cannot be avoided in any way but there are more aspects that differentiate the two gameplay experiences.

The Diablo 3 Single Player: Pros & Cons


In single player, the gamer will have only himself to rely on. No random players will join the game and he can use the follower system. Each follower can share 10% of his magic find from the gear with the player. Also mobs are easier to kill as they have a lower HP. If the character has multiple items with magic and gold find, these numbers will not be shared with others. In co-op gameplay, all the values from the players are summed up and all of them get an effective average number. Last but not least, single player enthusiasts also have access to the Auction Houses, both gold and real money to trade their spoils of war. Farming is easier as the entire game has a decreased level of difficulty.


Server side issues cannot be avoided as the player needs to login on his battle.net account to play the game. Also, the lack of social interaction might seem a draw back for some who like to have another class joining the fight. Plus, some people think that the multiplayer makes much more fun than the single player mode.

The Diablo 3 Multiplayer: Pros & Cons


In Multiplayer, gamers get to interact with each other more so than with the chat window. It is also a good way to meet new players by joining random open games. If the setup is good, players will enjoy fights more efficiently due to the way classes can help each other. From the loot drop perspective, each character will have his own drops. Players cannot see what items have dropped from other players and they cannot pick them up in any way unless they are traded. As a final benefit, players will be able to enjoy the content with 3 additional friends in multiplayer mode.


Monsters tend to get too tough in multiplayer. Their HP increases and up till patch 1.0.3, their damage was higher as well. Another major problem with the multiplayer mode is the magic find mechanic. All players will only have the average of the total magic find from the entire group. Last but not least, the followers are not available in multiplayer. In some cases, followers can help the player significantly.

The Conclusion

Each gameplay type has its own pros and cons. There is no clear way to determine if single player is better than multiplayer and since both of them seem balanced, some might ask why did Blizzard added both of them in the first place. The truth is that not everyone likes to play with other characters. Some gamers feel more confident exploring the content on their own. Also, for farming purposes, doing it solo is a bit more rewarding as the magic find is not reduced by having a player with a lower chance of getting good items.

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