Diablo 3 Jewelcrafting And Jeweler Guide – Complete Tutorial!

Diablo 3 Jewelcrafting And Jeweler Guide – Complete Tutorial!

Jewelcrafting And Jeweler GuideJewelcrafting And Jeweler: In Diablo 3, gems are no longer a trading coin as they were in the previous installment of the game. This time, they can be upgraded up 13 times and the Jeweler can recover them from the gear. The new mechanic brings a greater value to these gems but it can become expensive for the superior levels.

Unlocking The Jeweler:

Covetous Shen is our Diablo 3 Jeweler. He becomes available after the player completes a quest chain in Act 2. Once completed, all his other characters, present and future, will gain access to it. It is a shared resource and the player will have to level it only on one character. Newly created characters will have access to is starting with Act 1, without completing the quest chain again.

Jeweler Levels:

The Jeweler has four progression levels. Each level of difficulty allows the character to level one progression level. Without unlocking a difficulty level, the character will not be able to progress and upgrade the jeweler. Here are the costs for taking the Jeweler from level 1 and up to the max:

  1. Level 1: Apprentice Upgrade to next level: 5000 gold
  2. Level 2: Journeyman Upgrade to next level: 5000 gold
  3. Level 3: Adept Upgrade to next level: 10k gold plus 10 Page of Jewelcrafting
  4. Level 4: Master Upgrade to next level: 10k gold plus 10 Page of Jewelcrafting
  5. Level 5: Grandmaster Upgrade to next level: 10k gold plus 10 Tome of Jewelcrafting
  6. Level 6: Illustrious Upgrade to next level: 10k gold plus 10 Tome of Jewelcrafting
  7. Level 7: Magnificent Upgrade to next level: 20k gold plus 10 Tome of Secrets
  8. Level 8: Resplendent Upgrade to next level: 30k gold plus 10 Tome of Secrets
  9. Level 9: Glorious Upgrade to next level: 40k gold and 20 Tome of Secrets
  10. Level 10: Exalted

(If you don’t have enough gold, just read this guide.)

All these upgrade levels except Apprentice, Journeyman and Adept require Tomes and Pages to be upgraded. These can be found throughout the acts as they can drop from mobs, chests and everything else that can generate loot. Pages of Jewelcrafting can be obtained from drops in Nightmare difficulty. Tomes of Jewelercrafing are found in drops from Hell and Tomes of Secrets are found in Inferno. The total cost for upgrading is 140.000 gold and 20 Pages of Jewelcrafing, 20 Tomes of Jewelcrafting and 40 Tomes of Secrets.

What Can Shen Do For You:

Diablo 3 GoldThe Jeweler has basically two functions: He can be used to create gems or to remove existing ones from gear. To be noted that there is a way to recover gems for free from sockets. If the player takes the item to the Blacksmith and salvages it, he will get the crafting materials and his gem. However, this is not a common practice since the player might want to sell the item and keep the gem.

Cost Of Combining Gems:

  1. Chipped – World drop
  2. Flawed – 2 inferior level gems + 10 gold
  3. Regular – 2 inferior level gems + 25 gold
  4. Flawless – 2 inferior level gems + 40 gold
  5. Perfect – 2 inferior level gems + 55 gold and 1 Page of Jewelcrafting
  6. Radiant – 2 inferior level gems + 70 gold + 1 Page of Jewelcrafting
  7. Square – 2 inferior level gems + 85 gold + 1 Tome of Jewelcrafting
  8. Flawless Square – 2 inferior level gems + 100 gold + 1 Tome of Jewelcrafting
  9. Perfect Square – 3 inferior level gems + 30,000 gold + 3 Tome of Secrets
  10. Radiant Square – 3 inferior level gems + 50,000 gold + 6 Tome of Secrets
  11. Star – 3 inferior level gems + 80,000 gold + 9 Tome of Secrets
  12. Flawless Star – 3 inferior level gems + 100,000 gold + 12 Tome of Secrets
  13. Perfect Star – 3 inferior level gems + 200,000 gold + 15 Tome of Secrets
  14. Radiant Star – 3 inferior level gems + 400,000 gold and 20 Tome of Secrets

The 14 levels of gems are all crafted by the Jeweler but some of them can drop from monsters. Rank 8 Flawless Square is the highest possible drop from monsters. All higher superior gems need to be crafted by the player (or bought them from the Auction House). Additionally, the final four ranks require recipes in order for the player to unlock them. They are random world drops but they can be found on the Auction House. To craft a Radiant Star, the player will need 93.312 chipped (level 1) gems and a total of approximately 27 million gold including the cost of Tomes and Pages required. If we were to do it with chipped, it will cost 8.748 Pages of Jewelcrafting, 2.187 Tomes of Jewelcrafting and 1.631 Tomes of Secrets.

Gem Properties:

There are four types of gems in the game and up till Flawless Square, they are available in world drops. Amethysts grand life percentage in helms, life on hit on weapons and vitality in gear. Emeralds give extra gold find in helms, critical hit damage in weapons and dexterity in gear. The Topaz adds magic find chance in helms, damage to attackers in weapons and intellect in gear. Last but not least, Rubys add experience bonus in helms, damage in weapons and strength in gear. For more details about the gems read our article “Gems In Diablo 3: What They Are And How To Use Them The Right Way!

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