Diablo 3 Gameplay: Characters, Artisans, Followers And More!

Diablo 3 Gameplay: Characters, Artisans, Followers And More!

Diablo 3 GameplayDiablo 3 Gameplay: A falling star shatters the night skies as it tears trough the old Cathedral bringing news of an incoming danger threatening the entire World of Sanctuary. Diablo has woken once more to end the eternal conflict between demons and archangels. He will stop at nothing to see the High Heavens fall and the mortal Nephilim seem to stand in his way. Five brave heroes have risen to prevent total destruction. Lets take a look on these 5 heroes (characters), plus the 3 Followers and the 2 Artisans:

The 5 Characters in Diablo 3:

Character #1: The Barbarian

After 20 years since the events described in Diablo 2, the Barbarian returns to fight once more against the Lord of Terror. He looks a little older and much wiser. The Diablo 3 Barbarian is different than what we remember. His entire class mechanic has changed. The main resource used for abilities is now called Fury and while some of his old skills are still present, new abilities have been implemented. He can be a powerful damage dealing brute or a protective tank. He has class specific belts weapons and axes.

Character #2: The Monk

The Monk is the guardian of Light. He will stop at nothing to send the darkness back to the hole from which it crawled out through his amazing ability to control his body and mind. Monks use Spirit as their class specific resource pool to fuel their attacks. He comes prepared with a wide set of skill that enables him to kill enemies at melee range, dodge their attacks and even tank powerful demons. His arms of choice are fist weapons and diabos. Additionally, the Monk will use class specific spirit stones that serve as helmets.

Character #3: The Witch Doctor

Witch Doctors are spiritual fighters. Their history if filled with rituals and human sacrifices to drain power for their spells. They believe that the spirit world is the true shape of things and the physical realm is only an illusion. To aid his goal of vanquishing the Lord of Terror from the World of Sanctuary, Witch Doctors will summon armies of undead and various pets to kill the enemies of their master. He has the ability to wake from the dead and with the aid of Mana as his primary resource pool, the Witch Doctor becomes a deadly adversary. His arsenal includes class specific mojos that can be used as off-hand items, ceremonial daggers and powerful Voodoo masks.

Character #4: The Wizard

The Wizard seems to resemble the old Diablo 2 Sorceress. He is a renegade spell caster that refused to be bound by the schools of magic. Wizards have abandoned their teachers to seek out their destiny elsewhere in the world and this time, Diablo is their target. All their magic draws power from Arcane Power which is their primary resource pool. In their arsenal, Wizards use powerful orbs to enhance their magic, mysterious wands and class specific hats.

Character #5: Demon Hunter

Demon Hunters share the same tragic history. They watched their entire family getting slaughtered by demons. This burning hatred turned them into fanatical warriors who swore to vanquish all demons. It is the only class in the game that has a dual resource system. Demon Hunters use Hatred for offensive abilities and Discipline for evasive maneuvers and tactical skills. In their arsenal we can find powerful crossbows, handguns, bows and quivers. Additionally, all Demon Hunters wear cloaks as a class specific item.

The 3 Followers in Diablo 3:

Diablo 3 FollowersHowever, it will take more than five heroes to defeat Diablo, The Prime Evil. The ones that decide to take on the legions of demons by themselves will need the aid of followers. These three adepts will follow the hero on his journey as a combat companion and tactical aid.

Follower #1: The Scoundrel

The Scoundrel is a ranged follower that comes prepared with several tactical abilities such as damage increase for the party and crippling skills.

Follower #2: The Templar

Templars have a different approach in combat. They serve as melee warriors with healing abilities. They do not deal much damage but they can soak heavy hits and buff its allies.

Follower #3: The Enchantress

Last but not least, the Enchantress makes use of her charms to turn enemies against each other or polymorph them into powerless wild beasts.

The Artisans & Items in Diablo 3:

Artisans Blacksmith JewelerTo make sure their path to salvation is not filled with death and agony, our five heroes will be able to craft items for themselves. On their quest, our heroes will find many riches and items. The most powerful enemies in the game will enable them to collect magical, rare and legendary items to help them face the upcoming challenges.

Artisan #1: The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith will aid the fearless in their quest to save the world by allowing them to build various armors and weapons with powerful magic properties. Others come to aid as well.

Artisan #2: The Jeweler

The Jeweler will allow players to create gems and combine them into more powerful jewels to enhance their gear and improve their survival chance in this quest for justice and salvation.

For more details about the Artisans read our “Artisans: The Basics And 8 Essential Tips!” article.

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