Diablo 3 Beginner’s Guide: Top 15 Tips For Diablo 3 Beginners!

Diablo 3 Beginner’s Guide: Top 15 Tips For Diablo 3 Beginners!

The World of Sanctuary has had its share of dark days. Diablo and his legion of minions have awakened once more to bring down the High Heavens and vanquish the world of men. Only five brave heroes stand between the salvation and total destruction. The events of Diablo 3 take place 20 years later after Mephisto, the Lord of Destruction destroyed mount Arreat.

Diablo 3 Beginner Guide TipsBlizzard’s latest title comes with various new changes that even the veterans of the franchise will find a lot of unfamiliar features. For a beginner, things are even more blurry. However, instead of exploring the game the hard way, here are 15 very useful Diablo 3 tips.

15 Tips for Diablo 3 beginners:

  1. Chose a character you like. Do not go for a melee character if you like ranged classes. Since the game itself is new, play a character that might seem familiar to you. Read our “Diablo 3 Classes: Learn what class you should use!” article to choose your favorite character in Diablo 3.
  2. Explore new skills. If you unlock some new skills, do not be conservative and stick to old ones. Check out all of them because you will need to have an in-depth knowledge to craft your own skill tree builds.
  3. Enable elective mode. Go to the Diablo 3 game settings and enable elective mode in the gameplay screen. It will enable you to choose any kind of skill from any tier for any given action key. You will no longer be limited to certain groups of skills.
  4. Do not craft anything. Unless you are level 60, crafting will prove to be a gold sinkhole. Find something else to spend gold on. BTW, read this tutorial to learn how you can reach level 60 as quick as possible.
  5. Disable forced move. Bind the move action to a different key other than right click. It will prevent your character from moving by accident when attacking.
  6. Do not use health orbs if your health is full. Try to avoid picking them up if you don’t need them. You might encounter a difficult situation and if your potion is on cooldown, it is good to know that a few steps back there is an orb waiting to be used.
  7. Identify items as soon as you find them. You never know when you’ll get back to town or leave the game to scout the Auction House. If you find Rare items, identify them. Maybe you will find an upgrade.
  8. Always have potions with you. Sometimes health orbs are a luxury. Make sure you have some potions around as they might just save you from an unnecessary death.
  9. Buy items off the Auction House. Low level crafting is a matter of luck and it costs too much gold. Get items off the Auction House. You will find the proper items for your character at affordable rates.
  10. Kill multiple monsters at once. There is a combo system and it works exponentially. The bonus seems small for small batches of monsters but killing 10 or more will give you a significant amount of extra experience.
  11. Pick up everything that is not written in white. This is a good way to make some money. Just vendor what you think might not sell on the Auction House. If you need more gold, this guide will help you.
  12. Use the environment to kill packs. On all difficulty levels, falling walls or chandeliers can kill enemies with one shot. It is a good option to get multiple mobs killed this way mainly because it is efficient.
  13. Look for various build videos. Blizzard made sure that there is such thing as a best combination of skills. There are millions of variations so seek out some videos and try to understand the relationship between the skills and the logic needed to make a build on your own.
  14. Choose the right follower. Sometimes you might find yourself playing alone. In this case get a follower that is opposite to your class. If you are melee get a raged one and vice versa.
  15. Enable advanced tooltips. This is disabled by default but when it is enabled, tooltips will display useful information such as the damage of the skill or even the rune it uses.

These are just a few Diablo 3 tips for beginners. As you get closer to the level cap, things get a bit more difficult. A whole new set of tips is required including some theory crafting and item optimization but until then, the above mentioned hints should help you head into the right direction.

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