Diablo 3 Auction House – A Complete Tutorial!

Diablo 3 Auction House – A Complete Tutorial!

Everyone who has ever played any of the games in the Diablo series knows how important it is to get epic gear. The traditional ways of advertising in chat channels, forums or elsewhere are rather time-consuming, and they can be too much of a hassle. Purchasing gear from third party farmers can be unsafe (as you would need to give out credit card info). Now, Diablo 3’s Auction House has made getting that gear way easier.

General Information on the Diablo 3 Auction House System

Diablo 3 Auction HouseIt should be noted that in earlier Blizzard games, there have been huge problems regarding real-currency transactions as those have not been facilitated before. Scammers thrived because of the lack of a centralized system. With the Auction House system, Blizzard aims to finally provide a solution – at least, in Diablo 3.

Regional Auction Houses

Players need not worry because each the game region (Americas, Europe, Asia) has a separate set of auction houses. This is a good thing as the currency values vary greatly, and in-game economies do as well.

The Two Types of Auction Houses:

There are two types of auction houses:

  1. The first type is the one where you may use in-game currency. This would be the gold that you have accumulated through training and grinding in the Diablo 3 universe.
  2. There is also one where real money is used (Real Money Auction House). You may be able to purchase items with real-world currency via various payment methods or via Battle.net Balance, which is your Battle.net fund that you can add to by authorized payment methods. Note that in using the real-money auction house, the seller would have to pay for a nominal transaction fee, and would also have to choose the payment method by which he would receive the proceeds of the sale.

    In the Americas, the currencies used are: U.S. Dollar (USD), Argentine Peso (ARS), Brazilian Real (BRL), Mexican Peso (MXN), Chilean Peso (CLP) and Australian Dollar (AUD).

    There’s the British Pound Sterling (GBP), the Euro (EUR) and the Russian Ruble (RUB) for the Europe Region.

    As of launch date, there are no real-currency based auction houses for the Asia Region.

Does Blizzard Sell Items In The Auction Houses?

Both Auction houses contain ONLY products that other players have placed on sale. The system was designed to enable players to sell items for real currency, with Blizzard getting a small cut via the transaction fee. Blizzard has made no specific announcements about having items readily available for purchase using the real-world currency, like in other MMORPGS, saying only that they do not plan to post items that would significantly affect the Diablo 3 gameplay.

How Auction Houses Work

You may sell the items from your shared storage, inventory or equipped items (the step by step details are discussed later). The seller should choose where the items would be sold; whether in the gold auction house or in the real-currency auction house. The item will then be held by the auction house system until it is purchased, when the auction is cancelled, or when the listing expires (a maximum of 48 hours). Sold items are of course delivered to the winning bidder; otherwise, it will be returned to the seller. The auction house system will deduct a minimal transaction fee from the seller only if the item was sold. In the case of real-money auction house system, there are payment methods the players may opt for and the sellers would be prompted to choose how they want to receive the proceeds of the transaction.

The Transaction Fee

In the gold auction house, the transaction fee would be 15% of the amount of the final sales price. This would only be charged if the auction is successful.

In the real-currency auction house, there would be a fixed fee that would be deducted from the seller for every successful transaction. This varies depending on the currency. The current rates are:

  • USD: $ 1.00
  • MXN: 12.00
  • BRL: 1.80
  • ARS: 4.50
  • CLP: 500
  • AUD: $1.00
  • GBP: 1£
  • EUR: €1
  • 50 RUB

Please refer to the matrix found in the official Diablo 3 website for updates.

Real-Money Auction House – Optional or Otherwise?

You do not have to use the Real Money Auction House if you do not want to. The system was only designed to enable those who are willing to use real money to acquire epic gear faster. If you choose to stick to using the gold you have earned through your adventures and never step foot in the real-money auction house, there is no problem.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Using The Auction House System:


  1. Login with your Battle.net account. Note that if you are currently playing, you will have to leave the game and return to the campaign screen first to be able to access the auction house.
  2. Get to the character screen and click on the Auction House button located on the left panel. You may then be able to access the Auction House interface. Whichever you choose (gold or real-world), you have the option to switch auction houses anytime.

Note that Battle.net will display the appropriate real-currency auction house based on your account’s registered country of residence. If you want to access an auction house that is based on another currency, go to the Options menu. You will only be able to use another currency within your region.


Diablo 3 Gold

  1. On the Auction House interface, click on the “Search” tab (upper left corner).
  2. Choose item category (i.e. equipment).
  3. Narrow down your search by using search parameters (left panel). Note that if you’re looking for stacks of items, as in the case of crafting materials, the system would automatically lead you to results with the best prices, considering the number you have inputted. You may then choose to proceed, and then the system will re-scan the marketplace to get you updated pricing. If the new price is the same as or is lower, the transaction will be finalized at the updated price. Otherwise, you may just search again.
  4. View the results. You may sort them out using filters.
  5. Click on the item of your choice. Then, on the right-hand corner of the search window, you may click to choose whether to bid on the item or buy it outright at the seller’s listed price.
  6. In the real-money system, a payment method has to be selected prior to finalizing the transaction.
  7. If yours is the highest bid, the item will be delivered to you and the amount will be deducted from your in-game gold or real-world balance, or through a payment method.
  8. After winning a bid, send the item to your stash so you can begin using it in-game. Just click the “Completed” tab, choose the item and click “Send to stash”. Only a limited item may be stored so do check regularly.


  1. On the Auction House interface, click on the “Sell” tab (top center).
  2. Click on the item you want to sell. You may navigate through character inventories via the selection menu on the right panel. You may need to indicate quantity (as in the case of commodities)
  3. The item that you have chosen will appear in the middle of the screen. If you have chosen a piece of equipment, you need to set a minimum bid as well as a buyout price. For commodities, however, only a buyout price can be specified. You will of course also specify the number of items you intend to sell.
  4. When using the real-money system, you will be prompted to choose how you will receive the auction proceeds. Note that the seller must decide on which method to use during at the time of posting the auction. He may not switch methods when the item is already on sale. Note that having the proceeds sent via Paypal will result to an additional 15% transfer fee, upon a successful transaction. The amount is based on the proceeds.
  5. Upon clicking “Create Auction“, the item will be removed from your inventory. You have the option to cancel the auction. You have 5 minutes to do so for equipment; for commodities, you may do so anytime.

More on Using The Auction House System: Features, Functions and Possible Future Updates

There’s more to using the auction house system.

Tradable items

Almost every monster drop, including gold, can be traded with others directly. Such items may also be sold or bought in the Auction house. There are however, quest items that are character-bound and are therefore untradeable. Something to look forward to: Blizzard also intends to allow for the buy and sell of characters in the auction house in the future.

Commodities vs. Equipment

Note that the system handles equipment somewhat differently compared to stackable items or commodities, as mentioned in the step-by-step sections.

Automatic Bidding

When you bid for equipment, the system would enable automatic bidding. The player would need to set the maximum bidding amount. The system would automatically bid at the lowest possible amount and would continue to do so at 5% increments.

This is just for starters. Still, this information should be enough to enable you to start using the auction system. See for yourself, and buy and sell away.

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