Demon Hunter: A Complete Overview Of The Diablo 3 Demon Hunter!

Demon Hunter: A Complete Overview Of The Diablo 3 Demon Hunter!

Demon Hunter: There are very few men that managed to survive a demon attack and live to tell the tales of their horror and misfortune. Many of the survivors give into despair, madness and fear. Very few of them manage to continue their lives. The Demon Hunter is a survivor. All of them share the same tragic story in which their entire family is slain by demons and the only thing worth living for is vengeance. As long as blood will flow through their veins, no demon is safe.

Diablo 3 Demon HunterIn Diablo 3 the Demon Hunter replaces the old Amazon by mixing some of the popular abilities of the original character with some of the Assassin. He is the successful combination between a bow and arrow fighter and a tactical trap laying character. Due to his nature and lore, the Demon Hunter will always have a bow, crossbow or hand crossbow. He is the only class that can use these weapons and in some setups he can use dual wield one hand weapons from this category.

Besides these weapon types, the Demon Hunter has two more items that are only specific to his class. He can equip quivers in his offhand with any type of main hand bow.

Last but not least, the Demon Hunter can wear capes instead of the standard armor for the rest of the classes. All these items usually have skill enhancement affixes to boost certain abilities of the class.

The most unique aspect of the class is the dual resource system. A D.H. will use Hatred to fuel his offensive abilities used to kill his foes. Discipline is the secondary resource used for tactical skills like traps, vanishing moves, and avoidance abilities and so on. This resource pool is much more restrained than Hatred as it is smaller and has a slower regeneration rate. However, both of them have a fixed maximum value that does not increase as the Demon Hunter gains new levels (if you want to know how you can reach level 60 with your character, read this tutorial). The only way to increase it is by using certain passive skills. Also the Hatred regeneration rate can be boosted with certain skills and attacks. The same thing goes for Discipline. Some skills can be used to regenerate Discipline faster.

From a gameplay perspective, the Demon Hunter will always keep a distance between him and his foes. Being an expert in ranged weaponry, the character will not be able to sustain much damage. He is just as fragile as all other ranged classes. To compensate this survival problem, it comes packed with multiple avoidance abilities. He will have to slow his enemies, lay traps, jump away or run with an increased speed to avoid a melee confrontation.

For the first part of the game, the class will be able to handle all types of enemies and incoming damage does not pose much threat. As the progression takes him to higher difficulties, tactical gameplay becomes a routine. Difficult combat situations will involve kiting and running around to deceive the incoming packs of demons.

The Templar is his follower of choice since it is the only melee companion. This particular follower will become a tactical advantage as he will be able to keep the melee monsters busy while the Demon Hunter prepares his devastating attacks. He will travel alongside with the Demon Hunter on the long journey to slay the Lord of Terror.

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