“Deckard’s Diablo 3 Guide” Review: A detailed review about this!

“Deckard’s Diablo 3 Guide” Review: A detailed review about this!

DECKARD’S DIABLO 3 GUIDE Review: Diablo 3 had a successful launch but by now, we have all witnessed how different the game seems. It takes a lot of tactics and research to master it once more. This created a need for third party guides since the game and the official manual will not tell you all the secrets of the game. Deckard’s Diablo 3 Guide is one of them but we will need to have a closer look to find out why it is better than others.

Who Is The Author? Is He Trustworthy?

Deckard's Diablo 3 Guide reviewThere isn’t much information about the author yet. However Deckards Diablo 3 Guide seems to provide the information from the perspective of a Diablo player. It provides critical information that every player needs and answers questions that go through everyone’s mind such as: How to level fast? What gear to pick up? How to make more gold? What skill tree build to use? How to understand a certain class better? Besides these questions getting answered in the guide, one thing is certain. The author has great faith and confidence in his guide and everyone who buys it is eligible for a 60-day money back guaranteed policy. If you don’t like it, you get your money back in full.

About the “Deckard’s Diablo 3 Guide” Itself

Deckard’s Diablo 3 Guide is that kind of resource that explains a lot with very few words. There is no fluff content just to fill out the pages. We get comprehensive and concentrated information about the five classes (Barbarian, Monk, Demon Hunter, Which Doctor and Sorceress), the Gold and Real Money Auction House, blacksmithing and jewelcrafting, quest line and lore and even boss fight mechanics. Other guides clam to instruct the player about the same things but they are filled with twice as much words which makes it feel as if we are reading a novel.

What’s In Deckard’s Guide?

There is tons of content in the guide. Everything is structured and separated into sections but let’s how everything brakes down:

  1. The Class Guides: Everything there is to know about the five classes can be found here ranging from skills to different builds for Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno difficulties. You will need this guide if you want to get the Inferno exclusive loot.
  2. Leveling Guide: This part of Deckard’s Guide will help you get to level 60 in record time. You can’t really master the game without this one. Also in order to clear Inferno, you’ll want to reach the level cap first.
  3. Follower and Artisan Guide: This time, followers become an extremely useful single player resource. This guide will teach you how to gear it up and make the best out of your helper. The second part of the guide covers the new crafting system. Blacksmithing and jewelcrafting is explained in great detail. It also pinpoints the right moments to level them up to gain access to rare items that can be used to level up faster.
  4. Weapons and Armor Guide: You will need this from the to understand how to scale the gear to your character’s level. It is pointless to wear the same gear for 20 levels. This guide will train you into finding the right items for your level and class.
  5. Boss Dominating Guide: Diablo 3 takes boss fights to a new level. Each one of them has its own specific mechanic and as the level of difficulty increases, so does the toughness of the boss. You will need this resource to deal with bosses in Hell and Inferno.
  6. Gold Guide: Everything brakes down to fame and riches. Who doesn’t want to be a Diablo 3 millionaire? This guide covers everything there is to know to earn gold the easy way.
  7. Lifetime Updates: These are completely free. Every time Blizzard will implement a new patch, expect updates for Diablo 3 Deckard’s Guide.

The Cons

There is not much to complain about. In fact the only “problem” this guide has is present in all others. Diablo 3 Deckard’s Guide is available as a digital book so you will have to minimize the game to read it or read it before you play. However, if you want you can print it out on paper and the issue is solved. Like I said earlier, all other guides come in this format so you can’t really count it as a con since everyone else has this “problem”.

The Bottom Line

There are more expensive guides out there than Deckard’s Diablo 3 Guide – and they doesn’t have this quality. This particular guide offers a great value for money ratio and if you don’t own it yet, you’re missing out. It is affordable, simple and efficient. Additionally, it offers the 60-day money back guaranteed. Not many guides are brave enough to offer such a bonus. Click here to try out Deckard’s Diablo 3 Guide now: http://diablo-3-tricks.com/deckards-diablo-3-guide

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