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Diablo 3 is the fastest selling PC game and there is a good reason why in the first week, there were 6.3 million registered Diablo 3 players. The title continues the story told in the previous installment and provides a conclusion to the eternal conflict between Demons and Angels. The dark-themed game is based on a complex and captivating story. While the user interface and gameplay itself seems simple, things begin to get complicated but mistakes can be avoided with a few tips.

8 Tips for Diablo 3 Beginners:

  1. Choose the right character class. There are two main paths to be taken: melee or ranged combat. If you enjoy melee combat you can choose between the Barbarian or the Monk. For ranged combat we have the Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter and the Wizard. Remember that the class should reflect your gameplay style. You might also want to spend 10 minutes playing each class to get a better picture.
  2. Choose the right kind of follower. Co-op gameplay is optional. Sometimes players prefer to complete a Diablo 3 quest alone. To make it easier chose a follower that fits your character class. Ranged classes should always get the Templar. He is a melee follower and he can keep the mobs away from the player. Melee classes can choose between the Enchantress and Scoundrel. Both of them are ranged and have a few defensive and tactical abilities that help melee classes.

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The World of Sanctuary faces destruction once more as the lord of Hell begins his vengeance quest to bring down the High Heavens and burn the land of men. The former Diablo 2 players will have to clean the dust of their swords and shields to face the Lord of Terror once more. This time, the Diablo 3 game comes with a lot of changes to the game mechanics and even with prior experience veterans will find that there are a lot of new things to learn. If you are a new Diablo 3 player you’ll need a little help to enhance your gameplay experience. Here are some essential things that some beginners fail to discover right from the start of their adventure in the World of Sanctuary:

10 Diablo 3 Tips For Beginners:

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Diablo III has recently released patch 1.0.4 which includes the addition of a new system called the Paragon system. This new system allows players who have reached level 60 to further progress in the game. The Paragon system gives players an extra 100 levels to progress. For each level that the player gains, an increase in gold find(+3), magic find(+3), core stats (str, dex, int, and vit) and a different border surrounding the character picture will change for every 10 paragon levels. These bonuses give an incentive for players to continue leveling and invest more time into the game. This will also serve as one of the solutions to “gear swapping”, which is when players continuously swap gear to increase magic find or gold find. Magic find is also capped at 300%, meaning players who get to level 100 paragon level will no longer have any use for magic find items. This does not include nephalem valor which stacks with the paragon magic find system.

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Here is the complete list of achievements you can get in Diablo 3. But at first let’s take a quick look on the types of achievements.

The Types Of Achievements:

    Diablo 3 Achievements List

  • General Achievements:
    • Exploration Achievements
    • Conversation Achievements
  • General Campaign Achievements:
    • Act 1 Achievements
    • Act 2 Achievements
    • Act 3 Achievements
    • Act 4 Achievements
  • General Cooperative Achievements:
    • Act 1 Cooperative Achievements
    • Act 2 Cooperative Achievements
    • Act 3 Cooperative Achievements
    • Act 4 Cooperative Achievements
  • General Hardcore Achievements:
    • Act 1 Hardcore Achievements
    • Act 2 Hardcore Achievements
    • Act 3 Hardcore Achievements
    • Act 4 Hardcore Achievements
  • General Class Achievements:
    • Barbarian Class Achievements
    • Demon Hunter Class Achievements
    • Monk Class Achievements
    • Witch Doctor Class Achievements
    • Wizard Class Achievements
  • General Crafting Achievements:
    • Blacksmith Crafting Achievements
    • Jeweler Crafting Achievements
  • General Challenge Achievements:
    • Act 1 Challenge Achievements
    • Act 2 Challenge Achievements
    • Act 3 Challenge Achievements
    • Act 4 Challenge Achievements

The Complete Achievements List:

General Achievements:

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Diablo 3 Multiplayer Single PlayerDiablo 3 Multiplayer & Single Player: Even if Diablo 3 does not have a pure single player gameplay option, there are differences to be spotted when playing alone or with friends or random individuals. The common server problems cannot be avoided in any way but there are more aspects that differentiate the two gameplay experiences.

The Diablo 3 Single Player: Pros & Cons

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