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Here is the complete list of achievements you can get in Diablo 3. But at first let’s take a quick look on the types of achievements.

The Types Of Achievements:

    Diablo 3 Achievements List

  • General Achievements:

    • Exploration Achievements
    • Conversation Achievements
  • General Campaign Achievements:
    • Act 1 Achievements
    • Act 2 Achievements
    • Act 3 Achievements
    • Act 4 Achievements
  • General Cooperative Achievements:
    • Act 1 Cooperative Achievements
    • Act 2 Cooperative Achievements
    • Act 3 Cooperative Achievements
    • Act 4 Cooperative Achievements
  • General Hardcore Achievements:
    • Act 1 Hardcore Achievements
    • Act 2 Hardcore Achievements
    • Act 3 Hardcore Achievements
    • Act 4 Hardcore Achievements
  • General Class Achievements:
    • Barbarian Class Achievements
    • Demon Hunter Class Achievements
    • Monk Class Achievements
    • Witch Doctor Class Achievements
    • Wizard Class Achievements
  • General Crafting Achievements:
    • Blacksmith Crafting Achievements
    • Jeweler Crafting Achievements
  • General Challenge Achievements:
    • Act 1 Challenge Achievements
    • Act 2 Challenge Achievements
    • Act 3 Challenge Achievements
    • Act 4 Challenge Achievements

The Complete Achievements List:

General Achievements:

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Diablo 3 Multiplayer Single PlayerDiablo 3 Multiplayer & Single Player: Even if Diablo 3 does not have a pure single player gameplay option, there are differences to be spotted when playing alone or with friends or random individuals. The common server problems cannot be avoided in any way but there are more aspects that differentiate the two gameplay experiences.

The Diablo 3 Single Player: Pros & Cons

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Diablo 3 Easter EggsBlizzard loves to add easter eggs in their games. We have seen a lot of them in World of Warcraft and Diablo 2. In Diablo 3, easter eggs can be found starting with the first act of the game and all the way through the end. Blizzard included all types of interesting hidden objects, monsters and levels including their developer names, ponies, teddy bears and many others.

Let’s have a look at 15 Diablo 3 easter eggs:

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Diablo 3 Story: Almost 20 years have passed since Diablo has been cast away from the World of Sanctuary by a group of brave heroes. The Lord of Terror and two of his brothers, Mephisto and Baal were slain but many mortals have sacrificed their lives to save their homeland from the burning fires of Hell. The Archangel Tyrael was forced to break the sacred laws of the High Heavens and interfere with the mortal realm, destroying the World Stone beneath Mount Arreat. The sacred mountain was destroyed in the process, leaving the mighty barbarians without their homeland.
Diablo 3 Story
Before he was slain, Diablo managed to corrupt the powerful witch named Adria. Through his power he managed to conceive Leah, daughter of Adria. The little girl was abandoned by her mother but Deckard Cain, last living member of the other of the Horadrim took the child and raised her as his own.

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Because we know that a lot of gamers are looking for hot Diablo 3 wallpapers, we took the time to collect the top 14 of them!

Diablo 3 wallpaper

Diablo 3 wallpaper

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