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Diablo 3 GemsDiablo 3 Gems: In Diablo 2, gems did not have the same effect over the character as they do in Diablo 3. This time around, the most powerful gear setups include several items with sockets. There are a lot of mechanics that can be altered or tempered with the aid of gems but let’s begin by looking at the levels of the gems and how they can be obtained.

The Diablo 3 Jewels/Gems:

Each gem has 14 levels of quality starting with Chipped as level 1 and Radiant Star as the highest available and there are four different types in total. They can be used to insert head, chest, wrists, waist, amulets, shields and weapons can be socketed with gems. The biggest turnaround since Diablo 2 is the fact that gems can be recovered with the aid of the Jeweler. He will also combine gems together to upgrade their level.

The 14 Gem Levels:

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Diablo 3 Black Mushroom: Blizzard has always enjoyed adding Easter Eggs into its games. We have seen it in World of Warcraft over the past years and multiple expansion packs and now, we have Diablo 3 to scout for hidden mysteries.

Diablo 3 Black MushroomIn Diablo 2, we had the secret Cow Level which enabled the players to travel to a hidden location and slay merciless bovines equipped with huge axes. Diablo 3 added something different. This time, Whimsyshire (alias “Pony Level“) take the role of a secret level in which the player gets to kill ponies, teddy bears and flowers. The recipe itself needs to be farmed from an Act IV boss but the items required to craft it seem to be more difficult to harvest.

Diablo 3 Black MushroomThe Black Mushroom is part of the components needed for the Staff of Herding which unlocks the gate to Whimsyshire. In the beta, the item was obtainable from a clickable batch of mushrooms outside Adria’s hut. A few patches later it was moved inside the Cathedral of Act I. At that time, nobody could guess what it is exactly for since the recipe itself was only obtainable from the Izual fight as a random drop in Act IV. The other ingredients were spreaded across the all the Acts. Without any other clue of what the Black Mushroom would be used for, players started formulating speculations around it. Since there was no clear indication of a mysterious pony level, everyone assumed that the Black Mushroom is part of a new cow Level.

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Diablo 3 itemsIn Diablo 3, items remained almost the same as in the previous installment of the game. We have the same item classification but the generation algorithm is a bit different. This time around, most of the stats are generated automatically but they do have some margins for Legendary items. We have 3 main categories worth talking about, excluding standard non-magical items.

The 3 main categories of items:

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