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DECKARD’S DIABLO 3 GUIDE Review: Diablo 3 had a successful launch but by now, we have all witnessed how different the game seems. It takes a lot of tactics and research to master it once more. This created a need for third party guides since the game and the official manual will not tell you all the secrets of the game. Deckard’s Diablo 3 Guide is one of them but we will need to have a closer look to find out why it is better than others.

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DIABLO 3 SPEED Review: On May 15th all Hell broke loose setting free Diablo’s minions into the realm of men. After 12 years since the events of Diablo 2, the master of Hell came back to bring down the High Heavens and destroy the World of Sanctuary. Only five brave heroes stand between salvation and total destruction. However the quest to vanquish all evil is filled with challenges and players will have to overcome them. Jonathan Bradley Smith felt the player’s need for help and released his new Diablo 3 Speed Guide.

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