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Diablo 3 Real Money Auction HouseThe Real Money Auction House (RMAH) changed the way players look at Diablo 3. Everything seems to have a monetary value as every single item in the game can be sold for real money. Some will take advantage of the system and monetize their riches obtained in the World of Sanctuary while others will just avoid the RMAH System completely. Let’s have a quick breakdown of the features of the new trading system added by Blizzard.

Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House – The Features:

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Diablo 3 Gold Auction House Sell ItemsEveryone wants to have plenty of gold for their Diablo 3 character but sometimes things do not go as planned. Farming gold from drops will not earn more than 300.000 per hours which is not that much if we were to look at the prices for the level 60 items. Some of the best items in the game are sold for millions and in some cases they reach ridiculous prices.

Another decent way to get gold with less work is by using the Auction House. There are two ways to get rich with it: selling the items you find or scavenge the Auction House for good deals.

1.) Selling your items the most profitable way:

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No Diablo 3 adventurer can survive in the World of Sanctuary without gold in his pocket for repairs and gear. The entire Diablo 3 economy revolves on the ingame gold and the more you have the better. Gold is a commodity and without a bit of work invested into the farming process, you’ll never have enough of it. In the end, everyone wants to be rich in Diablo 3. The more Diablo 3 gold you have, the more envy you will stir around you.

The 4 Ways To Earn Gold In Diablo 3:

Farm gold in Diablo 3

  1. Monetization of farmed items
  2. Monetization of crafted items
  3. Playing the ingame gold Auction House
  4. Farming for gold by killing monsters

These four methods are the only way to get gold in Diablo 3 and all of them offer different results. Let’s see how these methods work and how they can be improved.

Monetization Of Farmed Items:

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Everyone who has ever played any of the games in the Diablo series knows how important it is to get epic gear. The traditional ways of advertising in chat channels, forums or elsewhere are rather time-consuming, and they can be too much of a hassle. Purchasing gear from third party farmers can be unsafe (as you would need to give out credit card info). Now, Diablo 3’s Auction House has made getting that gear way easier.

General Information on the Diablo 3 Auction House System

Diablo 3 Auction HouseIt should be noted that in earlier Blizzard games, there have been huge problems regarding real-currency transactions as those have not been facilitated before. Scammers thrived because of the lack of a centralized system. With the Auction House system, Blizzard aims to finally provide a solution – at least, in Diablo 3.

Regional Auction Houses

Players need not worry because each the game region (Americas, Europe, Asia) has a separate set of auction houses. This is a good thing as the currency values vary greatly, and in-game economies do as well.

The Two Types of Auction Houses:

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The Lord Of Terror marches freely amongst men once more. It is up to the player to reveal his true form and vanquish him once and forever. Truth be told, Diablo has come back with a vengeance and nobody can blame him. He has been slain more than once by fearless heroes. But what’s in for the player? Gold of course.

Earn Gold FarmingEveryone wants to reach level 60 and have tons of gold because let’s be honest: If you have money, you can buy any piece of gear you want. However, the real Diablo 3 millionaires are born at level 60. You have to reach the level cap before you can farm some serious amounts of in-game cash.

Still Not Level 60 Yet? Let Me Tell You How Gold Can Help:

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