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Every adventurer needs a companion to join him on the journey to vanquish all demons from the realm of men. In Diablo 3 you rarely find yourself playing alone. You can get friends to join you or hire Followers to serve as a combat assistant.

The General Mechanics Of Followers

Followers SkillsThere are 3 types of Followers to choose from and all of them are available ONLY when playing in single player. They come with various abilities and have a Follower specific item that can be equipped to boost their stats. They all have 8 skills each to choose from. However, only 4 can be used at a time but the player can change them at any given time. They are not available from the start. The first 2 skills become available at level 5. The player will chose only 1 of the 2. The next one is unlocked at 10, third at 15 and fourth pair at level 20.

Let’s have a look at what makes them different one from another

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Diablo 3 GameplayDiablo 3 Gameplay: A falling star shatters the night skies as it tears trough the old Cathedral bringing news of an incoming danger threatening the entire World of Sanctuary. Diablo has woken once more to end the eternal conflict between demons and archangels. He will stop at nothing to see the High Heavens fall and the mortal Nephilim seem to stand in his way. Five brave heroes have risen to prevent total destruction. Lets take a look on these 5 heroes (characters), plus the 3 Followers and the 2 Artisans:

The 5 Characters in Diablo 3:

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