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Jewelcrafting And Jeweler GuideJewelcrafting And Jeweler: In Diablo 3, gems are no longer a trading coin as they were in the previous installment of the game. This time, they can be upgraded up 13 times and the Jeweler can recover them from the gear. The new mechanic brings a greater value to these gems but it can become expensive for the superior levels.

Unlocking The Jeweler:

Covetous Shen is our Diablo 3 Jeweler. He becomes available after the player completes a quest chain in Act 2. Once completed, all his other characters, present and future, will gain access to it. It is a shared resource and the player will have to level it only on one character. Newly created characters will have access to is starting with Act 1, without completing the quest chain again.

Jeweler Levels:

The Jeweler has four progression levels. Each level of difficulty allows the character to level one progression level. Without unlocking a difficulty level, the character will not be able to progress and upgrade the jeweler. Here are the costs for taking the Jeweler from level 1 and up to the max:

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In Diablo 3, the Horadric Cube has been replaced by two non-playable characters – the Artisans. The artisan system has been developed to help the player craft gems and items.

Both of them are unlocked with the aid of some quests. The blacksmith becomes available in Act I while the jeweler comes into the scene in Act II. Both of them have 9 progression levels:

Diablo 3 Artisans Blacksmith Jeweler

  1. journeyman
  2. adept
  3. master
  4. grandmaster
  5. illustrious
  6. magnificent
  7. resplendent
  8. glorious
  9. exalted

Each level has 5 sublevels that require gold and some materials except for the journeyman, adept and master.

The Blacksmith

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Diablo 3 GameplayDiablo 3 Gameplay: A falling star shatters the night skies as it tears trough the old Cathedral bringing news of an incoming danger threatening the entire World of Sanctuary. Diablo has woken once more to end the eternal conflict between demons and archangels. He will stop at nothing to see the High Heavens fall and the mortal Nephilim seem to stand in his way. Five brave heroes have risen to prevent total destruction. Lets take a look on these 5 heroes (characters), plus the 3 Followers and the 2 Artisans:

The 5 Characters in Diablo 3:

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