Black Mushroom: How To Use It To Unlock The Whimsyshire Pony Level!

Black Mushroom: How To Use It To Unlock The Whimsyshire Pony Level!

Diablo 3 Black Mushroom: Blizzard has always enjoyed adding Easter Eggs into its games. We have seen it in World of Warcraft over the past years and multiple expansion packs and now, we have Diablo 3 to scout for hidden mysteries.

Diablo 3 Black MushroomIn Diablo 2, we had the secret Cow Level which enabled the players to travel to a hidden location and slay merciless bovines equipped with huge axes. Diablo 3 added something different. This time, Whimsyshire (alias “Pony Level“) take the role of a secret level in which the player gets to kill ponies, teddy bears and flowers. The recipe itself needs to be farmed from an Act IV boss but the items required to craft it seem to be more difficult to harvest.

Diablo 3 Black MushroomThe Black Mushroom is part of the components needed for the Staff of Herding which unlocks the gate to Whimsyshire. In the beta, the item was obtainable from a clickable batch of mushrooms outside Adria’s hut. A few patches later it was moved inside the Cathedral of Act I. At that time, nobody could guess what it is exactly for since the recipe itself was only obtainable from the Izual fight as a random drop in Act IV. The other ingredients were spreaded across the all the Acts. Without any other clue of what the Black Mushroom would be used for, players started formulating speculations around it. Since there was no clear indication of a mysterious pony level, everyone assumed that the Black Mushroom is part of a new cow Level.

Diablo 3 Whimsyshire Pony LevelDiablo 3 was launched and the speculations formulated during the beta around the Black Mushrooms finally received an answer. Blizzard decided to add a secret level called Whimsyshire and the Black Mushrooms were the first ingredient on the list that was required in order to craft the Staff of Herding. The recipe itself is a random drop but some of the ingredients can be bought from vendors.

In order to craft the staff, besides the Black Mushrooms, the following items are required:

Items you need to unlock the Whimsyshire Pony Level

  1. Black Mushroom
  2. Leorics Shinbone: This item drops from the logs in the fireplace beneath the painting in Leoric’s Manor
  3. Gibbering Gemstone: Is a random drop from Chiltara, a special boss in the Caverns of Frost. This cave is also random and it is not always generated. It should appear in the zone where the catapults quest needs to be completed in Act III
  4. Wirts Bell: This item is sold by an NPC vendor in Act 2. He can be found in the Caldeum Bazaar and offers it for purchase at the modest price of 100.000 gold

Besides all these ingredients and the 100.000 gold spent on Wirts Bell, the staff itself requires an additional 60.000 gold as part of the Blacksmith fee. Seems he wants his own cut out of this mysterious item. Additionally, the staff can be upgraded for higher difficulty levels but as expected, the crafting cost increases significantly. The Nightmarish version costs 200.000 gold, the Hell version costs 500.000 and the Inferno one costs 1.000.000. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough gold – just read this.

Video: All Item Locations For Secret Level

Video: All item locations you need to unlock the secret Whimsyshire Pony Level

So far, the visitors of Whimsyshire tend to agree that the Pony Level can be a great source of riches. It seems that this secret level is a great farming place as long as the character level and gear is appropriate for the difficulty level selected (if you want/need to reach level 60 quick, read this guide). Also, the difficulty of a Whimsyshire Pony Level is above the one of Act 4.

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