Barbarian Builds: A Powerful Combination Of The Barbarian’s Skills!

Barbarian Builds: A Powerful Combination Of The Barbarian’s Skills!

Barbarian Builds: The Barbarian is back to vanquish evil from the World of Sanctuary once more. 20 years have passed since he fought a glorious battle against the Lord of Terror himself. Now, he must answer the call once more and send Diablo back to the hole he crawled out from.

In Diablo 3, the Barbarian seems like a slightly different class from what it used to be. If you love the Barbarian class, most likely you got the feel that he is not able to solo the Inferno difficulty. This is not entirely true. The below build might actually get your trough the four acts and maybe help you farm some gear.

Diablo 3 Barbarian BuildsThe below setup will surely get you through Act I and II in Inferno and even further. It is mainly focused on a tanking barbarian with a lot of life leech and armor stacking. We will use a shield and a one hand weapon. Let’s have a quick look at the skill assignment:

(Side note: LMB and RMB stand for “Left and Right Mouse Button” and AK means “Action Key”)

  1. LMB – Frenzy with the Maniac rune
  2. RMB – Furious Charge with the Dreadnought rune
  3. AK1 – Threatening Shout with the Grim Harvest rune
  4. AK2 – Revenge with the Provocation rune
  5. AK3 – War Cry with the Impunity rune
  6. AK4 – Wrath of the Berserker with the Insanity rune

Here is a screenshot of this Barbarian build:

Barbarian Builds Skill Tree

For Passive Skills we will go for Nerves of Steel, Tough as Nails and Superstition. These three passive skills offer a lot of amour and 20% damage reduction to all no physical damage.

In combat you will be using Frenzy almost all the time. Even if it is a single target skill, in Inferno, it is the only way to deal significant damage. Also as you kill a single target faster, you eliminate one source of damage.

The right mouse button attack is an escape skill in this Barbarian build. It should be used mainly during difficult situations and with the Dreadnought rune, the life leech can restore your character to full health. However, we would like to save this skill for critical situations.

Revange will be the active healing component. The Provocation rune enables it to proc much more frequently. You should just spam this key all the time to make sure you pick up the health immediately.

Next, we have to look at War Cry. Odds are that your resistances are well over 200 if you are in Inferno. War Cry not only that it gives an armor boost but with the Impunity rune you also get a 50% increase to your resistances. That translates into a lot of damage mitigation.

Wrath of the Berserker should be used in the initial phase of every fight against a pack of Rare or Legendary monsters. Like stated before. Focus on only one target and send it to its grave as soon as possible. The Insanity rune will double your damage making this skill essential for difficult fights. However, the 2 minute cooldown is a little disappointing but the skill itself it amazing.

Last but not least, Threatening Shout should be used in all situations in which the incoming damage seems too difficult to mitigate. Additionally it should be used just before a Rare or Legendary monsters for the 15% Magic Find boost from the Grim Harvest rune.

This Barbarian build has a lot of potential to work up till the ending act of the game however, rune variations might be needed depending on gameplay style. Feel free to experiment with your Barbarian build!

Have fun and make the best out of it!

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