Barbarian: A Complete Overview Of The Barbarian Character! (+Video)

Barbarian: A Complete Overview Of The Barbarian Character! (+Video)

As the night settles in, a wondering man stands just outside the skirts of Tristram. He has been walking the lands trying to find a purpose for his existence. His sole purpose of guarding Mount Arreat but the cataclysmic events that happened 20 years ago destroyed his holy lands and vanquished his people. The Barbarian is no longer the proud warrior sworn to protect the secrets within Arreat. His is just a wondering man searching for a meaning for his life. The falling star draws him to Tristram only to find destruction and signs of Diablo’s return and maybe, our hero will get the chance to serve the world he was born to protect once more.

Barbarian CharacterIn Diablo 3, the Barbarian character is slightly different from what we were used to. He is older, wiser but sadness pours out of every word coming out of his mouth. The mechanics of the class has changed as well. Some of the popular skills are still present. His resource pool has been redesigned. His attacks are now fueled by Fury which can only be generated by certain skills. BTW, read this tutorial to learn how you can reach level 60 with your favorite character.

In his fight against the forces of Hell, the Barbarian will one hand and two hand Mighty Weapons as part of his class specific gear. To complete his arsenal, Mighty Belts have been crafted for the mighty barbarians to enhance their powers. Only them can use this arsenal in combat. Their skills and melee type of combat enables them to act as a damage dealing class or as a tank. His main stat is strength. Barbarians gain damage bonuses based on the amount of strength present on their gear. Additionally, armor is increased as well by this stat.

Some of the most popular Barbarian skills have been inherited from the previous game. We still have Frenzy, Battle Shout, Whirlwind, Bash and a few other popular skills. In combat, the Barbarian can dual wield one hand weapons or equip mighty two handed swords, maces, axes and spears. In difficult situations, he can use his skills to soak up heavy hits by equipping a shield and using defensive skills.

Video about the Barbarian character:

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During the progression of the game, the Barbarian will start to encounter difficulties towards endgame content meaning the Inferno difficulty where a DPS build is no longer viable. This time around, defensive skills are required in order to move forward trough the acts. In co-op gameplay, the character proves to be extremely useful for casters and ranged classes as it can keep enemies away from his partners. Additionally, he is the only character that has a skill to increase the magic find for the entire party.

In PvP, the Barbarian is capable of dealing amazing damage bursts. With skills such as Wrath of the Berserker, every opponent that crosses his path may face imminent death. Additionally, equipped with a wide array of crowd control abilities, the Barbarian is able to keep ranged enemies at close distance. He has multiple stuns, charges, he can leap over obstacles or just leave an enemy walking away bleeding to death.

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